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Muscle Suit

Technical Description

TypesSoft fit /Tight fit
Sizes based on height (recommended)Small/Medium: 150-165 cm
Medium/Large: 160-185 cm
Product weight3.8 kg (not including cover)
Driving forceCompressed air
ActuatorMcKibben artificial muscle
Compressed air supply methodManual air pump
Assistive force25.5 kgf(100Nm)
Operating temperature-30℃~50℃
Dustproof/Waterproof performanceIP56
Product dimensions H x Wx DSmall/Medium: 805 mm/465 mm/170 mm
Medium/Large: 840mm/ 465mm/ 170mm

What is the ‘Muscle Suit’?

The Muscle Suit is an innovative Japanese-made exoskeleton designed to help workers become more productive and improve their working conditions. It is also a great way for people with mobility difficulties to enjoy freedom in their daily lives and activities such as gardening or DIY.
The Muscle Suit is designed to be used by men and women of all ages, not least because it weighs only 3.8 kg and has an intuitive and simple donning system.

Terzago Robotics is the exclusive Muscle Suit reseller in Italy

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The Power of Air

The exoskeleton provides support to the operator’s muscles using air pressure, it adapts to each person’s movements and, above all, does not require electricity. This makes it suitable for outdoor, water contact, such as the agricultural or the food industries.

In addition, the absence of power supply allows the Muscle Suit to be used continuously for several hours after filling. If you feel that the assist power has weakened, simply use the pump to fill it with air.

Muscle Suit is able to assist the wearer’s movements with up to 25.5 kgf of auxiliary force, supporting the back and reducing not only the workload but also the risk of injury, with a positive effect on working conditions.

An Artificial Muscle

The Muscle Suit uses a McKibben-type artificial muscle as its driving force. The rubber tube is encased in a mesh made from polyester monofilament and both ends are secured with metal in this simple configuration.

The Muscle Suit is made up of a back frame and thigh frame, and a rotation axis that connects the two. The upper end of the artificial muscle is affixed to the upper portion of the back frame, and the connected wire is affixed to the rotation axis at the lower end. With the compression of the artificial muscle, the wire is pulled and the back frame rotates around the rotation axis. As the thigh frame, which is affixed to the rotation axis, rotates in the opposite direction, the upper body is held upright using the thighs as the fulcrum

10 steps in 10 seconds

Wearing the Muscle Suite is very easy, all it takes is 10 small steps and 10 seconds


Use the shoulder straps and put the Muscle Suit on like a backpack.


Pull the shoulder belt adjusters and adjust the Muscle Suit so that the waist belt is at waist level


After fastening the waist belt, pull the left and right adjusters to tighten the belt firmly


Adjust the length of the belt


Bring the thigh pads forward


Pump the air pump 30-45 times and fill the Muscle Suit with air


Adjust the force of the assist with the volume of air


Adjust the space behind you


Leave enough room for a fist to fit in the space between your back and the Muscle Suit


Fasten the left and right chest adjusters

A real help in many different working environments

Muscle Suit is often used in all intensive labour, such as
Site work

Terzago Robotics is the exclusive Muscle Suit reseller in Italy

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