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What is the ‘Muscle Suit’?

The Muscle Suit is an innovative Japanese-made exoskeleton designed to help workers become more productive and improve their working conditions. It is also a great way for people with mobility difficulties to enjoy freedom in their daily lives and activities such as gardening or DIY.
The Muscle Suit is designed to be used by men and women of all ages, not least because it weighs only 3.8 kg and has an intuitive and simple donning system.

Technical Description

Soft fit / Tight fit
Vestibilità morbida / Aderente
Sizes baes on height (recommended)Taglie in base all’altezza (consigliato) Small/Medium 150-165cm
Large: 160-185 cm
Piccolo/Medio: 150-165 cm
Medio/Grande: 160-185 cm
Product weight
Peso del prodotto
3,8 kg (not including cover)
3,8 kg (Copertura esclusa)
Driving force
Forza motrice
Compressed air
Aria compressa
ActuatorAttuatoreMcKibben Artificial muscle
Muscolo artificiale McKibben
Compressed air supply method
Metodo di alimentazione dell’aria compressa
Manual ari pump
Pompa aria manuale
Assistive force
Forza assistiva
25,5 kgf (100 Nm
25,5 kgf (100 Nm)
Operating temperature
Temperatura di esercizio
-30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
-30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Dustproof / waterproof performancePrestazioni antipolvere / impermeabiliIP56
Product dimensions H x W x D
Dimensioni del prodotto H x L x P
Small/Medium: 805 mm / 465 mm / 170 mm
 Medium/Large: 840 mm / 465 mm / 170 mm
Piccolo/Medio: 805 mm / 465 mm / 170 mm 
Medio/Grande: 840 mm / 465 mm / 170 mm